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APA Citation Workshop - ENG101


You have 5 minutes for this activity.

  1. In your breakout group, research the difference between the citations for the sources of information listed in the Topics for groups section.  Identify the main differences in the information needed and the formatting.
  2. When 5 minutes is up, rejoin the main group and report your findings

Please answer the following questions about reference list citations:

Topics for groups

Please Compare the Reference List citation format for the following:

Group 1

Book with 1 author vs. 4 authors vs. group author (Reference List: Author/Authors)

Group 2

Webpage vs. Article in an online scholarly journal (Reference List: Electronic Sources)

Group 3

Film vs. TV episode (Reference List: Audiovisual Media)

Group 4

Podcast vs. Presentation with online source (Reference List: Electronic Sources and Reference List: Other Non-Print Sources)

Group 5

Book vs. ebook (Reference List: Books)

Group 6

Blog Post vs. Instatgram Video (Reference List: Electronic Sources)