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Faculty return-to-campus tech checklist

Please use the following checklist to ensure you are prepared for the fall term return to campus.

Login Credentials

Faculty have two separate sets of credentials to access online services and on-campus technology.  Please check each to ensure they are working correctly before your first class.  There is no self serve option for resetting forgotten passwords and depending on the workload of the IT department, a password change request could take time to process.

Campus Computer (Student Network) 
"LCI_Vancouver-" plus MS Office email account without "" (eg. LCI_Vancouver-aneuman)
Active Directory/Dayforce password 
Campus printer/copier 
MS Office email account without "" 
Active Directory/Dayforce 
Campus Staff Wifi 
MS Office email account without "" 
Active Directory/Dayforce 
MS Office email account 
Active Directory/Dayforce 
MS Office 
Employee email address have one of two formats:
[first initial last name] 
Active Directory/Dayforce 
4-digit employee number 
Omnivox password 
Online library resources 
MS Office email account without "" 
Active Directory/Dayforce 
Render farm 
MS Office email account without "" 
Active Directory/Dayforce 

Update your Office 365 password when notified

Office 365 requires a password update every 120 days, so if you are notified that your password is about to expire, please renew it as soon as comfortably possible. 

To change your password, while logged into, click on the settings icon and select Change your password.

Be aware this will require you to log into Office apps installed on your phone and/or computer with the new password.

Employee ID Card

If you started teaching at the college during the pandemic and have not yet received a physical Employee ID Card, please send an email request to Aya Satosono from Talent and Culture and include a digital headshot photo.

If you are a returning instructor who has been issued an Employ ID Card in the past, but have lost it, please email a Replacement ID Card request to IT Support and

Printer/Copier Access

This is quick orientation (or re-introduction for returning instructors) of the printing system on campus.

Sending a print job

All printing is managed by a central printing server so print jobs can be sent from any computer on the student network and released at any of the 5 printer/copiers (faculty, library, openlab, 1st floor west, and 2nd floor west) on campus.

To send a print job:

Select File>Print on the software you are using

Select "LCV01 on" from the printer list

The default printer settings are greyscale and double-sided, so if you want colour and/or single-sided, you need to change the settings in Print Properties

Programming/reprogramming your Employee ID Card

Employee ID Cards have an RFID tags in them that can be programs with your campus printer/photocopier login credentials (), allowing you to swipe your card instead of key in your username and password every time you use a machine.

If you are have never done this or you've done it but it isn't working anymore, do the following:

  1. Hold your card over the card reader on the right side of the printer/copier
  2. Key in your username and password and click okay