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Online Courses

Are these courses accredited?

Yes. These courses are top-quality, accredited, academically rigorous courses. They are the equivalent of the on-campus version of the course. Each course is worth 3 credits.

Are these courses online only?

Currently 7 of our online courses require you to attend class at a given time as there is a face-to-face video component. These classes are 1.5 hours long and require students to read and prepare Courseware beforehand. They use the Adobe Connect Learning Management System (LMS) and are synchronous, which means there is a specific class time at which you must attend. Course information will specify if your course is one of these classes.

12 of our online courses have no face-to-face component and students do most of the course work in their own time. There are deadlines for assignments and exams and quizzes to complete, but there is no direct interaction with an instructor. However, each instructor of these types of courses will have their own method for recording attendance. This will usually take the form of posting answers on a Discussion Forum or something similar. These courses use the Moodle Learning Management System (LMS) and are asynchronous, which means there is no specific face-to-face class which you must attend.

If you are uncertain, please contact your instructor through Mio to verify how they are recording attendance on your course.

How long is the course?

Each course takes a 3-month quarter (11 weeks) to complete.

Where do I access my course?

All courses are on our e-learning

You will be issued a USERNAME and PASSWORD to access your classes at that site.

Where is my username?

The USERNAME and PASSWORD will be sent to the email used when registering for the course. Please check that email and its Junk Mail or Spam folder.

This is not the same login information for Omnivox.

Where are my marks and class announcements?

Class announcements, class listings, recorded attendance, assignments, email, and marks will be located on Omnivox.

OMNIVOX is our internal student and class management system at LaSalle College Vancouver. You should log in as a student as soon as you can, using your student ID number and a password of your choosing.

Omnivox is divided into two sections – LEA and MIO.

Lea is where your classes will be listed, attendance will be recorded, assignments will be distributed by instructors and uploaded by students. Announcements will be made by instructors and the school through this part of Omnivox.

Mio is the internal mail system at LaSalle College Vancouver, where you can message your instructors and other students.

Although actual classwork is located at, it is important to check Omnivox regularly.

What do I do if my course isn't showing up when I log in?

When you log in, your course content should be there. If it is not showing, please visit Ashley in Room 267 or email him at

What does Synchronous or Asynchronous mean?

There are two types of online course at LaSalle College Vancouver – SYNCHRONOUS & ASYNCHRONOUS. Make sure you inquire as to what type of course you are taking when you register for an online course.

SYNCHRONOUS courses are virtual video classes that meet at a set time and last for 1.5 hours. Courseware must be prepared and reviewed before each class.

ASYNCHRONOUS courses can be done in your own time and require minimal instructor supervision. They are 3-4 hours long and require students to do self-guided work.