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3D Modeling for Animation & Games

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The LaSalle College Vancouver Library uses Library of Congress classification call numbers to organize the print and non-fiction media collection*. 3D Modeling for Animation and Games books are generally found in the call number ranges as follows:

N   Fine & Visual Arts: Theory & aesthetics of art, art philosophy, art galleries & exhibitions, art history, general works, artists & biography
NB   Sculpture: History, design & technique, restoration, materials, special types & forms (i.e. portrait, monuments, etc), models & modelling
NC 765 - 1428   Drawing, Design, & Illustration: History of drawing, artists and biography, techniques, graphic art materials, cartooning, drawing figures & anatomy,
NC 1765 - 1766   Traditional cartoon animation, animated films, animators, animation art
PN 6710 - 6736   Cartoons & comics, particular characters (e.g. The Simpsons, superheroes), & artists, history of comics, animated films & TV programs, Animation (cinematography), motion pictures - production, direction & design, storyboards, animation studios
QA 76   Nature of computers or how-to books for various software programs, programming, multimedia systems (e.g. C++, Javascript)
T 385   2D Computer graphics & how-to guides (e.g. Photoshop)
TR 897   Computer drawing & animation history & how-to guides, including software guides (e.g. 3D studio, Flash, Maya Character Studio), web animation, motion graphics.


*Documentary films and TV series are organized alphabetically by title