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Crestron Instructions

Step 1 - Book Crestron Through Teams

  1. From the left hand menu in Teams select "Calendar".

  2. You can select the date and time by clicking a space on the grid and dragging it to your desired timeslot on this screen or  just proceed to "+ New Meeting" in the top right corner. 

  3. In the "New Meeting" screen, set up your meeting as you normally would. If you did not set a date and time prior to clicking "New Meeting" you can set this up in here as well.

  4. Select "Scheduling Assistant" next to "Details" in the top of the window and under "Add required attendees" type "Crestron".

  5. Provided there is no scheduling conflict (no in the Crestron's schedule during your class), select either CRESTRON-LCV-01 or CRESTRON-LCV-02.

  6. Invite the students who are attending remotely, set the rest of your meeting preferences and hit "Send" when finished.

Step 2 - Set up the Crestron

  1. Retrieve the Crestron you reserved from the academic administration area on the 2nd floor. Plug in the Crestron's power cable AND the LAN internet cable and turn on the screen using the remote control. The Crestron unit does take some time to "warm up" so be advised that it should take around 5 minutes before it .

  2. Once it has booted up, you should see on the Crestron touch screen the meeting you just set up, tap the icon on the touch screen to log the Crestron unit into your meeting and you  should see the screen .

  3. Sound can be controlled using the remote or the command buttons on the small touch screen display.

  4. Please note that it is the user's responsibility to move and set up the unit and also to bring it back to the Academic Lounge (with the remote) after using it.

  5. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact the Academic Team.

Step 3 - Share Projected Screen

If you are projecting your screen in the classroom (slides, software demonstration, etc.) you must also share your screen for those attending online through Teams.

  1. Open Teams on the instructor's workstation and join the class meeting.
  2. To share your screen, click on the symbol on the top menu bar. Your window should then shrink to the bottom right of the screen and your chosen screen should be visible on the Crestron.


  • To avoid noise feedback, mute the speaker on the instructor workstation (there is a microphone and speakers on the Crestron unit).
  • Be sure to stop sharing your screen in Teams on the instructor workstation when you mute or turn off the classroom projector.  To stop sharing, click on the  symbol bottom left window.