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Fashion Marketing



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The LaSalle College Vancouver Library uses Library of Congress classification call numbers to organize the print and non-fiction media collection*. Fashion Marketing books are generally found in the call number ranges as follows:

GT 510 - 2370   Costume/Fashion history, styles by period, social aspects of dressing, specific
articles of clothing & accessories - e.g. Shoes, kimono, suit, bikini, hats, etc.
HD 9940   Apparel merchandising, branding
HF 5437- HF 6161   Consumer behaviour, Marketing, Fashion retailing, Market Research, Advertising, Visual Merchandising, Department stores
NA 6210- 6220   Store design, planning & display; Commercial space; signs
NC 1002.L3   Label Design
NK 2195.M3 &S.89   Store decoration
NK 88XX - NK 950X   Textiles - history and design
TR 679   Fashion photography
TS   Textiles and fabrics production
TT 490-730   Fashion/Apparel industry, Fashion Shows, Fashion design, Designers, Biography,
Design Techniques, Illustration, Patternmaking, Sewing, Draping

*Documentary films and TV series are organized alphabetically by title

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