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Marketing Research

Marketing Research for Fashion

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Stylus report categories that would be useful for Marketing research:

Consumer Attitude/Behaviour reports by Demographic age range:
Seniors (age75+), Boomers (age 56 - 74), Gen X (age 40 - 55), Gen Y (age 26 - 39), Gen Z (age 11 - 25), and Alpha (age 0 - 10)

Relevant titles in this collection include the following:

Statistics Canada

Example classifications:

6 Sales and service occupations

                64 Sales representatives and salespersons - wholesale and retail trade

                                642 Retail salespersons

Example classifications:

31-33 Manufacturing

                315 Clothing manufacturing

                                3151 Clothing knitting mills

                                                31511 Hosiery and socks mills

44-45 Retail trade

                448 Clothing and clothing accessories stores

                                4481 Clothing stores

                                                44812 Women’s clothing stores

Example classifications:

321 Clothing, footwear and accessories

23111 Men’s clothing

The Census Profile allows you access the following data for the geographic region you designate: Population density, Age Characteristics of Population, Legal Marital Status, Work status, Level of education, Median Household and Person Income, etc.

CANSIM is Statistics Canada's key socioeconomic database. Updated daily, CANSIM provides fast and easy access to a large range of the latest statistics available in Canada. Use the “Add/Remove data” tab to customize the tables using the classifications listed above.

Useful Tables

Survey of household spending (SHS), household spending, Canada, regions and provinces

Labour productivity and related measures by business sector industry and by non-commercial activity consistent with the industry accounts, provinces and territories

Retail commodity survey, retail sales

Citing Statistics Canada