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Student software access

Setting up Splashtop

As an alternative to installing software on a personal device, students have the option of accessing it through a remote desktop access (Splashtop) to campus workstations. 

To request Splashtop:

  1. Email IT Support from your student email account.
  2. Include "VANCOUVER Splashtop access request" in subject line.

Note: It will take up to 1 business day to process a Splashtop account activation request, so if you require access to Splashtop the first day of the term, please submit your request by end of day on the proceeding Thursday.

To set up Splashtop:

  1. Log into your student Office 365 or Outlook account using the following:

    • Username: student email address (ending in "")
    • Password: Omnivox password
  2. Find the "You've been invited to join a Splashtop team" email from If it is not in your Inbox, check the Junk Email folder.
  3. Click "Accept the invitation from your administrator", fill in the form with a username and password, and click Create.
  4. On the computers or mobile devices you want to remote from, access the Splashtop invitation email and click on "Splashtop Business app".
  5. Download the the appropriate OS version and install it on your device.

Logging into classroom workstation via Splashtop

  1. Launch Splashtop Business on your device and login.
  2. Based on the following chart, double click on a workstation from the list in Splashtop
    Courses Recommended workstations
    Fashion Design, Fashion Marketing, or Culinary

    Any PC workstation. 

    Note: AccuMark(Gerber) is installed on all PC workstations.

    Interior Design LCV295-xx or LCV105-xx
    Animation, VFX, Game Art & Design, Game Programming LCV227-xx, LCV296-xx, or LCV297-xx
  3. Log into the workstation with the following:
    • Username: "LCV" + 7-digit student number (eg. LCV7654321)
    • Password: Omnivox password

Important notes

  1. You are remotely accessing workstations on campus. If you restart them or shut them down, all data you saved on the PC will be wiped out. Please make sure to back up your work on at least two different locations. Example of backup locations:
    • Your home drive (H drive)
    • Online storage (like Google Drive, OneDrive, etc...).
    • Your email
  2. These workstations are shared with other students. If a workstation is in use, the icon will have a green circle around it.

     Please do not connect with computers that are already in use.

  3. Splashtop does not work well with Mac workstations.  It is possible to connect to a Mac computer, but the performance is not adequate for most use cases.  If you need to use Mac-specific software, please refer to the Option 1 page or contact IT support (

Technical Support

Please email IT support with your student ID, full name and details about your issue.