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Faculty Resources - Textbooks

How can I get an Exam, Instructor, or Desk Copy of a Textbook?

Instructor copies of textbooks are either Exam Copy or Desk Copy. Faculty should contact Publishers directly to request Exam or Desk copies of textbooks.

An Exam Copy of a title is a book sent to a faculty member for consideration toward purchase or course adoption. It is often accompanied by or followed by an invoice seeking either payment or return of the book within a specific period of time.

A Desk Copy is a book furnished free for a faculty member’s use when copies of the book have been ordered for a specific course.

The library has a small number of Course Reserve and General Collection copies of course textbooks. Course Reserve copies are intended to support students' textbook quick reference and short term loan needs.

Selected Publishers

Addison-Wesley (see Pearson)

Adobe Press

Adobe Instructor notes are located on this site.

Broadview Press

Company Phone:  1.705.743.8990

Ordering Notes:  Desk and Exam copies can be ordered Online;

Cambridge University Press

Company Phone:  1.800.431.1580

Ordering Notes: Please notify the sales rep of the course numbers and estimated enrollments of the courses being requested for.

Canadian Manda Press

Canadian Scholars Press

Company Phone: 416.929.2774

Ordering Notes:  Desk and Exam copies can be ordered

Captus Press

Company Phone:  1.416.736.5537

Ordering Notes:  Desk and Exam copies can be ordered online  


Company Phone:  1.416.609.3800

Ordering Notes:  Desk and Exam copies can be ordered online

CCH Canadian Ltd.

Company Phone:  1.416.224.2248


Ordering Notes:  Please email with College letterhead.

CCI Learning Solutions

Company Phone: 604.455.0070



Access your account by logging into Cengage, search for your text by name and then hit the request for exam copy button.

CRC (Taylor & Francis)


Company Phone:  1.800.223.3130

Ordering Notes:  Must order via fax at: 1.516.742.5049 

Duke University Press

Ordering Notes:  Desk and exam copies must be ordered on LaSalle letterhead via fax at:  1.919.688.4391 

ECM / Paradigm

Company Phone:  1.800.328.1452

Elsevier Canada ERPI

Company Phone:  1.800.263.3678

F.A. Davis

Company Phone:  1.800.235.7538

Ordering Notes:  Order desk and exam copies through the main customer service phone line      

Fairchild Books

Company Phone: 800.932.4724  


Ordering Notes:  Fax desk and exam copies requests to 1.800.450.0391     

Fitzhenry & Whiteside

Company Phone:  1.800.387.9776

Ordering Notes:  Please email desk and exam copy requests.    

Harper Collins

Company Phone:  1.844.327.5757

Ordering Notes:  Desk and Exam copy requests must be through this webpage: Requests must be made through official school email accounts and Instructors must provide class number and expected enrollments.   

John Wiley

Company Phone:  1.800.567.4797

Ordering Notes:  Desk and exam copy requests should go through the sale rep. 

Jones & Bartlett See Nelson Publishing

Lippincott Williams & Wilkins  

Login Canada

Company Phone:  1.800.665.1148

Macmillan Learning

Company Phone:  1.888.330.8477

Ordering Notes:  For desk and exam copies call:  1.800.446.8923 You will need to create an Instructor Account with them Publishers Represented: Bedford St.Martin's Freeman and Worth

McGraw-Hill Ryerson  

Company Phone:  1.800.565.5758

Ordering Notes:  Desk and exam copies can be ordered from here

Morton Publishing

Company Phone:  1.800.348.3777


Nelson Education

Customer Support: 1.800.268.2222

Ordering Notes: Desk and exam copies can be ordered through their online form.

Oxford University Press - Canada

Ordering Notes:  Desk and exam copies should be ordered through the website 


Company Phone:  1.800.567.3800

Publishers Represented:

  • Allyn & Bacon
  • Benjamin Cummings
  • Cisco Press
  • Longman
  • SAMS Publishing

Penguin Random House 

Company Phone:  1.888.523.9292

Publishers Represented:

  • Alfred A. Knopf
  • Anchor Books
  • Bantam Books
  • DC Comics
  • Del Rey
  • Doubleday Everyman's Library
  • Faber and Faber
  • Pantheon Books
  • Powerhouse Books
  • Viking Vintage

Ordering Notes: Please email for desk and exam copies.    


Company Phone:  1.800.343.4499
Ordering Notes:  For desk and exam copies email or fax requests to:  1.800.351.5073

Prentice Hall (see Pearson)


Company Phone:  1.800.663.5714
Publishers Represented:

  • Drawn & Quarterly
  • Farrar, Straus and Giroux
  • Henry Holt and Company
  • Picador Tor / Forge

Ordering Notes:  Desk and exam copy requests should be faxed to:  1.800.565.3770    


Ordering Notes: Please review their Resources for Instructors website.

Scholastic Books

Company Phone:  1.800.268.3848  

Taylor & Francis (see Routledge)

Thomas Allen & Sons

Company Phone:  1.800.387.4333

UBC Press 

Ordering Notes: Fax request on office department letterhead to 604.822.6083

University of Toronto Press

Company Phone:  1.800.565.9523

Ordering Notes: Please review this website for ordering information.

Publishers Represented

  • Continuum
  • Goose Lane Editions
  • Playwrights Canada
  • University of Georgia Press
  • University of Manitoba Press
  • University of Nebraska Press
  • University of Texas Press

Wadsworth Publishing (see Nelson)

Westview Press (see Routledge)

Wilfred Laurier Press (see University of Toronto Press)

W.W. Norton (see Nelson)

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